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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Snoopy art gallery - we love jigsaws

Mummy and Daddy are jigsaw fans, that is, before the kids pop up.
We collected Snoopy jigsaws wherever we go.

Our little projects kept us occupied, and now our house is dotted with Snoopies :)

Besides jigsaws, you will also see a lot of portraits, mostly of our kids.

A picture tells a thousand words. Sengkangbabies wish to tell a Happy Family story.

Hopefully, the kids will pick up jigsaw, and carry on our Snoopy tradition :p


  1. Hi! I'm also a fan of Snoopy!
    I'm dedicating a room to house my Snoopy collection!
    Check this out:

    Pop by to see when you are available!

  2. hi you got one hugh Snoopy gallery !


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