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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Gold Coast Movie World - Day 4

Movie World, this must be one of the more popular theme park in Gold Coast. And we had tons of fun here. Share our joy.

Hello Wonder Woman , Flash, and Green Lantern greeted us at the entrance.
No Superman? but kids are still excited !

Hawkgirl looks fierce : Stop staring, or I will Club you :p

At least Daddy's Monroe is so sexy and sweet keke.
Kids love Daffy and quickly pose for photos.

Batman Batman !! someone shouted, let's go and hug him.
The Dark Knight looks so cool (when he does not smile)

Meow, some feline in cat's costume purring on the car roof.
Catwoman was angry when we try to snatch her Whip.. ouch!

Looking at our map, where should we go next?

Warner Brothers Kid's, this is a wonderland for adults too!! We get to meet our childhood friends. Plenty of rides to thrill us.

Video : WB Kids

Kids enjoy the rides ! Coyote, Martin, and Sengkangbabies went
round and round the Carousel.

Sylvester was waiting to pounce on us, as we jack higher and higher !!

Video : Kids' ride

Bunny lead us to his lair, we twitch his ears keke

Hollywood Stunt Driver at 1100 and 1350, do not miss this Awesome show !!
Entertainment from start to end, car chase, fire-bomb, tyres screeching, near-misses !

Video : Breath taking stunts !

More driftings...

Early lunch, Batman invited us to his canteen. But the food is only so-so.

Wei and Jayna : Batman, your nuggets suck ! (Batman face become black)

We travel to the Wild Wild West's cowboy town.

Video : Can Can? (Kids call it underwear dance)

Anybody game for adventure? Good luck to those in front row :p

Video : Splash

Back to Main Street, we are heading towards WB kids again.

We gave up dressing the boys as superheroes, after we saw the price tags :)
Cosplay is expensive hobby.

Come & catch the RoadRunner with Coyote's roller-coaster. Peep Peep.
... but someone is below height limit, so Sad :(

Video : Maybe not such a bad idea for Yi to miss this Roller Coaster?

Yosemite's train service looks safer :)
At least, there is no height restriction for Wen Yi.

The older kids want to try car accidents @ Taz's "Hollywood cars".
Yi does not know how to start his engine, so he was a sitting duck .. BANG !

Video : car accidents

Kids mimick WWW cowboys shooting from their carriages.

Video : Happening Train Ride

Who wants to ride a bird-cage with Tweety? Hope Sylvester is not lurking around.

Poor Wen Xin must be bored onboard her Maclaran volo.
She always grab the opportunity to sneak away from Mummy and Daddy.
Uncle Chew had a hard time chasing her too !

Taxi anybody? No overtaking please.
Daddy was worried kids want more "car accidents" !

Martin and Bunny roams the playground for snapshot opportunities.
Whole theme park is filled with life-size walking cartoons.

Even Daddy found his idol Austin mojo Powers and cute sidekick.
No mini-me though.

The All-Star-Parade starts at 1530, but we make sure we book a spot early.
Resting, snacking, ice-cream, we made ourselves comfortable.

Can you feel the party temperature raising? We are all anticipating the big parade.

Bunny and Daffy leads the parade...You can Wave, Scream, or Clap !!

Non-stop cheers and music Rock Main Street ! Festive atmosphere !

Video : Main street finale - All Start Parade (pardon the lousy voice recording)

So much activities and Fun, no wonder the kids are tired out.

Daddy brought Wei to Batman's garage. How come his Batmobile is compounded?

BatWing Spaceshot -simulate Batplane's G-force during launch?
or Superman Escape - 360 turns and loops coaster, with someone wearing red-underwear pushing from behind. No thanks keke.

Video : extreme

Did you spot Batmans latest prodigy? (who needs Robin)

Time to go, Sun is setting again. We have had 6 hours of Fun and entertainment !

Kids posing with their souvenirs. How come Red Riding Hood appears at Movie World?

Dinner, we are tired. Just a simple seafood pasta, hamburger along Cavill Avenue.
Except dinner is never simple in Gold Coast..too many choices :)

Summary :
- We arrived at 9 plus to queue for ticket, if you have Escape Pass, skip the Queue.
- Daddy like Hollywood Stunt Drivers best, but we believe the final All-Star Parade is a family favourite.
- Be prepared to spend one whole day at Movie World.
- For maximum fun, go and get Wet from the rides !
- We should be tired, but the low humidity allows us to run the parks without any sweat !
- If you are clueless like Daddy, and you need to impress your kids, click for WBkids.

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  1. Ming Choo, it sounds like you had fun there :)


  2. Hi Richard, it is a nice trip.Mengchoo

  3. Hi, how to get the escape pass? Please help

  4. hi, a few online portal will offer the tickets. You can reference --> http://admin.myfun.com.au/Ticket-Specials--MyFun.asp


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