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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Gold Coast Shopping @ Carrara Markets and Harbour Town - Day 2

We have not introduced our friends and neighbour yet, Chew Family. Uncle Chew and Auntie Grace, Jayna and Kyan. The kids were soon buddies.

Do you like our pink Hummer limo (like real !)

Day 2 is slow and easy, we just want to make sure everybody recovers fully from the flight, the drizzle did not stop from Dawn to Dusk !!

We took a bus to Carrara markets.
Tourists can buy food stuffs and souvenir from this hugh weekend market.
The locals come here to buy their groceries.

There is a toy shop selling limited edition inventories !
Daddy was so worried the kids will accidentally smash something.

While the adults shop, the kids were busy fooling around, and making a din :)
We even spotted surf board for kids.

Carrara is like Thailand's ChaChuChak markets, only more organized.
Boon Xin is seated comfortably in her stroller.

Video : Carrara Markets interior

After spending the morning at Cararra, we went back to town for lunch.
Nai Nai and Mummy are craving for rice, or anything carbohydrate.

Generally, the Japanese and Korean cuisines are delicious, and appetizing
(AUD $10 to $15 per meal is standard in Australia)

We went back to hotel, short break, before we head to Harbour Town (outlets mall)

Video : Stationery Car ride

We made the kids wear caps, as it was still drizzling.
They really look nice and sporty in their hats, and Yi keep folding his arms,
like macho-style ! Are they rappers? Yo Yo.

Luckily the shop close at 5Pm on Sundays, otherwise we have to keep loitering around. At last, Mummy is happy with her shopping list.

Kids will not understand why adults (mummies) like to shop so much?

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  1. Hi do u mind sharing if the shopping is expensive? Both at the harbor town & carrara market?

  2. hi,

    Carrara Market is like their wetmarket. You can see carnival like activities on Sun.

    Whereas HarbourTown is like their factory outlet. Price would be cheaper than shopping centres, but I cannot determine the discounts margin.



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