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Monday, September 6, 2010

Gold Coast Paradise Country - Day 3 (am)

Mummy tell us we are vising some Australian natives. Daddy say Native Kangaroo and Koala. Hooray !! We are going to Paradise Country Farm.

Sunny day awaits us after yesterday's wet wet spell. After breakfast,
we wait for feeder bus to bring us to our Farm.

At Paradise Country, we visited the Kangaroo enclosure first.
Aussies affectionately call Kangaroo "Roo". We really enjoy feeding our friends.

Want to hug a Koala and take photo? That would be AUD$15.
Daddy asks us to just pose for some souvenir pictures.

Video : Koala feeding..

After Australia's famous mascots "Roo and Koala", what is our next stop?
Kyan seems to have a clue and zooms ahead!

Animal Nursery!! So many cute piglets and Lambs. Our kiddos gamely cuddle
and hug the cuties. The feed is free, so we treat the animals to buffet.

This little black sheep was the cutest. Wei and Jayna pose with our cute friend.

Video : The kids are at home in this nursery, carefully petting the cute babies

Billy tea is cowboy's beverage. (you must swing the teapot round and round).
We saw some galloping horses.

Kang gets to pet a Llama.
Wei and Jeyna tries to milk a cow. All are rare experiences for us city-folks :)

We see the cowboys demostrating their cow-whips, with Cracking effect.
(do not go near!)

Video: What do you do at a farm?

Next a shepherd dog herded the flock of sheeps. Everybody were captivated.

If you are adventurous, the Camels are waiting. Running in a Farm, keep your eyes open wide for animal bombs !!

All farms need to demostrate some Sheep Shearing.
Our kids saw how Sheeps become botak. Seems like painless for the sheeps.

We are famished, Lunch awaits us. Hopefully no lambchop (from nursery).
We get to browse through the photo selections.

Kids, are you happy? What have you learn from our outdoor classroom?
Bye bye Tractor, bye bye Farm.

We recommend families spend 4 hours at Paradise Country.

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