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Friday, October 15, 2010

Kovan neighbourhood, anybody tried Bouncing Kids?

While waiting for Wei Wei kor kor to finish his class, Daddy loiter around Kovan with the kids . We saw this beautiful butterfly poster, and the kids gamely start posing.

Breakfast at Macdonald (Daddy hates Mac), but he was voted out overwhelmingly :(

Video : Singing "what" song?

Some other rides which can be found in this heartland. But we have not tried Bouncing Kids.
Any feedback from any parents?

If you happen to be in Kovan, and got some time to spare, you might want to visit one of Singapore's oldest crocodile farm --> http://sengkangbabies.blogspot.com/2009/12/visit-to-singapore-crocodile-farm.html


  1. First time come across your blog! We stay at Sengkang too!! Amazing how you manage to cope with 4!! I have 2 princesses and they are killing me aledi ;) Welcome to my blog boonzzoomzoom.blogspot.com

  2. hi, I guess u are Mummy Betsy, hello neighbour. Your girls are well travelled too :)

  3. Hi saw the lightning macqueen car birthday cake by thomas, may I know where he get the car cake from? Wanted to get one for my son too. thank u.

  4. my friend got it from Bengawan Solo (online)..good luck


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