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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Swimming is FUN

Sky can be groomy or hazy, but our boys will always be our sunshine.

Look how happy they appear during their swim class!

Pool was especially crowded today, must be something to do with the HOT wheather !

Wei is ready to jump in with his life jacket..

Daddy is happy to see them progress every week :)


  1. so nice that your kids get to swim in an early age~ i only learn to swim now xD bdw their couch is Teacher Jerry is it? a blogger too =)

  2. hi Magdalene, Teacher not Jerry :)

  3. It's good to start swimming since young.. :) the older you get, the greater the fear of drowning (water)

  4. aiyoh Shirleen,choi choi choi :)
    As long as kids do not exhibit fear with water, that's is the first BIG step.

  5. Those photo's are so cute and they look happy as well :) I took my first born when he was two, those swim toddler classes were the best thing i ever did.

  6. thanks Gemma. nothing beats water-play in hot humid Singapore :)

  7. hi, happened to stumble across your site. where did you get the green swimsuit from? thks

  8. sorry, this was a gift from someone. Have u try kiddy palace?

  9. hi Andy, know of an autistic kid who would benefit from the rear zipping suit, tough to find one for older age groups so was just trying my luck. thanks anyway and no worries.

    fantastic family you have and keep up the good work on the blog :)

  10. If u do not mind, I can ask two swimming teachers (Jerry and Kian Hoe) for recommendations? Let me know

  11. Hi Andy, no worries, it's all right. You have been really nice to take the time to reply, don't want to trouble you further. If your suit was bought in Singapore, they will find it eventually, no worries about it. Thanks a lot, cheers.


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