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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Global Art – Drawing allow Wen Kang to express his thoughts

Kang loves drawing. We figure drawing will allow Kang to focus, and learn to be patient. Our boy is normally impatient, and can be temperamental…

We hope Arts can nurture Kang to be more patient :)


Our teachers at Global Art Kovan are friendly, passionate, and more importantly patience.

His master piece. Each week, Kang will finish an art piece, and proudly showoff to Mummy and Daddy.

One day, we hope his picture will don the wall :)DSC_7307

Normally after class, we will loiter around, and wait for Wen Wei.


  1. how long has Kang been learning? Gladys also loves to draw and colour. She just started lesson at the SK CC. :p Hopefully i get to see some of her "masterpiece" too.. hahahah

  2. hello Phoebe, 1 year plus already.
    As long as kids happy :)


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