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Monday, September 6, 2010

Gold Coast Qdeck 77th - Day 3 (pm)

Qdeck is actually the 77th and 78th floor of Q1 building (Queensland No 1).

We took a short break after our farm tour.
And our toy cars always travel with us, without fail :)

While walking to Q1, Ripley's staff ask our kids to help with flyers distribution.
Things almost got out of hand, when the kids decide to help themselves, and grab more flyers !(sweating)

Quick, someone buy some ice cream, to cool the kiddos down.
Ice cream treats always work..

Q1 is a short 10 min walk from our hotel Courtyard.
We ask kids to pose with police and fire services along the way.

We saw a spectrum of Rainbow casting onto Kang's face. Comical, and kids were amused.

We are so eager to checkout what Qdeck can offer..wow 360degree view !

Xin quickly gestured to everybody : "Come come, got bikini parade " :0

Scenic Gold Coast and beach stretches for 30km, and we can see the whole stretch of white sandy beach. Spectacular !

Video : 360 panoramic Gold Coast

Q1 used to be the tallest residential building.

We spent two hours from 4 to 6pm on top (you can stay until Qdeck close shop)
(*note Fri and Sat, Qdeck become Qbar !)

Qdeck can accommodate 400 visitors, so children
got ample space to run about freely.

Why Yi so gloomy? Hungry?
The cheesecake is nice, but nobody remember to offer Daddy a slice :(

Video : Xin looking everywhere for his bros, but they were busy enjoying cheese.

Daddy love the shadows, when Sun starts to set.
The shadow seems to have a life of it's own, as it stretches into the sea.

Tired? Take a rest on the couch.
Sometimes, we have to "ssshhh" the kids to keep quiet.

If our boys ignore us, stand in Naughty corner 10 min :p

When kids become kakis, wow, they can tear down the house or roof!

The Sun sets over the horizon, cars turn on their headlights.
It is only 5:30 pm, but darkness is creeping in ..

Back in our hotel balcony. Night scene is always Bright in downtown Gold Coast.

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