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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Gold Coast Sea World - Day 5

Today, we heads towards Sea World, another popular theme park in Gold Coast.

Wake up kiddos, sunny days ahead. Who wants to have another day of fun and spills?
With all the fun we had, no wonder our kids sleep soundly every evening.

After breakfast, we took a short tour around our hotel vicinity.
Goldcoast downtown seems to have a hive of constructions going on.
Daddy found an internet cafe at only $2/hour internet, cheap and fast.

We took the same coach (from yesterday) to Sea World.
Video : we pass by scenic surfers Paradise coastline

Long queue has formed even before the gates are opened. If you are staying over at Sea World Resorts itself, you should take the monorail and enter north of the Imagine-Dolphin venue (to avoid the queue)

Sea World is even bigger than Movie World.

Dolphins in the nursery pool were happily swimming around. Visitors can pay for close encounter with the friendly dolphins.

Video : Dolphins are intelligent !

First stop, Sesame Beach. (We were too late for the 1030 sea-lion show).
Posing with our familiar Sesame characters, Big Bird.

Ernie and Bert never fail to tease us, even Wen Xin clap to their catchy beat.

Video : HipHop to Sesame dancing, even xin and Yi will clap their little hands

Lunch is Pizza and Fries (what else?). There are so many sea gulls in Sea World !!

We like the Polar bear enclosure. The pool looks really chic, but the bears were not interested to take a dip, preferring instead to laze around their caves.

Video : Nice pool, but the bears were too lazy to swim..

Pirates showtime @1230. We rushed back towards the entrance, where we can see a hugh pirate ship moored in the center. Is Jack Sparrow and his crew onboard?

Jet Skis, acrobats, cannons, dare-devil jumps from TOP masts !

Video : Pirates Ahoy Captain !

We took a break on this green slope.
Video : let us chanse the seagulls..

From this vantage point, we can see the lagoon housing the Pirate ship. It is an ideal picnic spot.

Video : Xin defying gravity

Candid moments between Mummy and daughter. Our little girl, Xin, is very curious and was happily running up and down the slope.!! This girl is gutsy .

Video : Up and down the slope, no stopping the kids !

The kiddos were entertaining themselves. Joking and laughing at every little tidbits.
The overhead monorail and constant helicopters, never fail to entice the kids.

Buddies and neighbour, running and playing hide&seek. While Mummies go shopping, the daddies look after the brood.

Time to play again. We head back to Sesame corner to explore all the rides.

Kids big and small could ride the Helicopters and noisy-toot-Trucks.

Video : Loud Trucks and Spinning Helicopters

Ray reef was closed, or else we could have try hand-feeding them.
At Shark bay, we did not have enough time to view the inhabitants underground. The sharks and giant rays were swimming leisurely in the world's largest lagoon (click for source)

Video : Shark Bay hugh Lagoon

Shark bay houses a touch-pool, where kiddos can feel and touch the starfish, and anemone.
No oysters were in sight :(

Video : Impressive lagoon

Last show of the day is Imagine @1500.
We arrive 30 min earlier, but there was already a Long queue.
The dolphins never fail to Impress us. Flipping in and out of the sea to gathers claps from the audience. They work together with their trainers to bring Fun to a new high.

Video : Dolphins @ Imagine. Great performance

The dolphins are memorable and our kids love them.

More adventures await us. Time for some spills and thrills.
Vikings and Bermuda ensure we will eventually get wet keke.

We are wet, but we are so Happy and cannot wait to go for second round.

When the sun starts to set around 4 plus, we know it is time to leave. As we head out, we noticed Sea World is building a new palace for penguins, ready by end 2010. It does look 5* from the poster !

Souvenir from Sea World.

Bye bye Sea gull, we know we have not seen the last of you.

Summary :
The Imagine Dolpine show is the highlight of the day.
Shark Bay and Ray Reef will be a hit with kids, especially the touch-pool.

However, Daddy got the best pictures when we were resting at the lawn. Kids were running, rolling all over the place, where they were most relaxed.

Plan your park tour around the showtimes, as the shows can be pretty packed back to back.

Feel free to visit Sengkangbabies Gold Coast explorations!

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