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Monday, May 31, 2010

What does YOG means for you? Let's Play !

Compasspoint has setup a sports corner, to promote
YOG (Youth Olympic Games) awareness.

YOG is inviting you to "Come play with us".

Everybody is invited to try their hands on some sports.
The kids are just happy to monkey around :p
You have soccer, fencing, basketball, netball, boxing etc etc..

As long as you are game, anything goes.
Yi and Xin are too small too participate, thus they can only be spectators.

Wen Xin, Shopping is not a Sports, OK !

Dare to dream, challenge the world, dare to win..
Hey, even red-dot Singapore can win China in Table Tennis, what can we not achieve?
Congrats to team Singapore !!

Video : Kid challenged Asafa Powell to a sprint

74 days to go, YOG, what does it mean to you and family?

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