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Monday, May 24, 2010

Wen Xin 1st Year Birthday celebration

Last Sun, we celebrated her birthday at 舅舅's place.
Our little girl is One year old already.

We bought Xin a moo moo cake from Yiling.
Everybody were impressed with this cake, and it taste nice too.

We invited all our little friends to join in our celebration.
Children were running everywhere.. chasing after balloons, skipping rope.

Video : Ballons for every kid

Look at Wen Yi, his hand is always hanging on to one ballon.
Our function room was bursting with the kids' energies and laughters.

Our birthday girl, she looks adorable and dainty in her sweet white outfit.
Today, you are the * Star

The children entertain themselves... small ones follow their elder siblings.

Our cow cake. Impressive 3D, and the kids were trying to dig chocolate Spots!!
Quick, cut the cake before it gets torn down :p

Video : Happy Birthday to Wen Xin

Yummy, Wen Wei kept the little barbie-doll for momento.

Video : After the cake, ballon fights star again

Families, pose.

Wen Xin's growing up months.. witness how our little princess has blossom.


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