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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Excuse me, your homework or mine?

Primary 1 needs to 演讲?
Daddy's Primary 1 only play rubber, and catch spider, you know?

Old man really lost touch with the pace of society :p


  1. Oh my! Is that 口试?? Denver just finished his oral 2 weeks ago and their version is see picture and describe the place, people, action and express your thoughts. Nowadays really cheem..

  2. hi phoebe, this is an accessment.
    Teacher want to gague student's speech and narating ability. We took 40min for first draft. Sweat !

  3. Wow.. I can imagine the hard work. :) Will be interesting to know how the final product turns out to be ^_^. Jia You!

  4. Scary.. My gal going P1 next year.. Anxiety from me :p

  5. hi, P1 and P2 should be fine, most K2 already prepare kids... (Parents will get excited more over SA1/SA2)


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