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Saturday, May 29, 2010

NFC celebration at Sentosa Palawan beach- and 4D Magix

Quick the balloons are falling, someone help Mummy!!

Earlier, our NFC Pledge has won us seven tickets to Sentosa's 4D Magix.
So we head to Sentosa's Palawan beach last Saturday afternoon, with our cousins.

We thought everybody would be at Universal Studios (since long weekend USS tickets were sold out). Instead, we were left wondering whether every family (and tourists) had responded to NFC's mobilisation @ Palawan :p

Please read the instruction before you enter 4D realm.
Our tickets is for Pirates !

We all know 3D needs a pair of special lens, which allows the cinematic object to jump out of the screen before you. This 4D technology adds the sensual touch.
(ie your chair will rock, you can experience water mist, and wind)

Now, throw in DTS6.1 surround system.
It is too cool !!!

Video : Introduction before we pop into theather.

**Spoiler alert, skip this video if you have not been to 4D Pirates before **
Video : you get Spiders, Bees, bats, and all sorts of crabs

If image is blur, please wear your 3D specs keke

We thought Kang looks cool in his "sunglass".
But halfway through, he got spook by the Bees and Bats :p

After our movie, we head back to Palawan beach.
NFC has line up Fun activities with families in mind.

Look at Mummy, her biceps beef up after she toiled to bring Wen Xin's stroller across the sand dunes. Our princess was effortlessly soaking in the sight and sounds :p

Who cares when Mummy and Daddy are sweating?

By the time we arrive around 4pm, Palawan was relatively empty.
Our hosts were all tanned, but they still gave us good service and big SMiles :)

Video : Carnival, we notice NFC ambassadors were all tanned, and sweating

Wonder how many kiddos got their Happy Balloons from our uncle Clown?
We see reverse bungee in the background too, but nobody was game.

Bouncing Castle again. This seems to be standard fare, around any funfares.
Wei and Kang dash through the obstacles.

Video : Ninja warrior

Sorry Yi, you have to grow taller a bit, before you can attempt these vigorous sports :)
So, Yi end up disturbing a doggie..

or kicking sand into Mummy and Daddy's sandals. Cheeky boy.

We spent almost 2 hour on the beach.
Before we head back to Vivo for Dinner.

Video : we need to survive Train squeeze first :p

Thank you NFC and Nuffnang, for this fun fill Saturday.
Our families did have fun, roaming around.
Weather was warm, but smiles are aplenty :)

** special dedication to all NFC related crew for making this event meaningful!

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