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Friday, May 21, 2010

NFC is giving 700 tickets for families to enjoy some outdoor Fun

NFC who?
NFC stands for National Family Celebrations,
click NFC for more information.

What is the catch?

Commit a pledge, about what you would like to do for your family.
(no need to climb a rope)

That simple?

And if your Pledge is selected (out of 700 lucky winners), you get to tour :
- Hippo Tour
- 4D Magix/CineBlast
- Luge & Skyride
- Songs of the Sea
- Singapore Flyer

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Here goes, Daddy's pledge :

"Daddy wants to spend more time with kids,
engage them, be their playmates,
and serve as their moral compass."

In today's society, working parents only have evenings and weekends for interaction with kids. How much more time can we squeeze to engage the kids?

Maybe if we perform less OT (OverTimes), and knock off early at least once a week? Daddy will approach management to work out some feasible schedule :p

~~~ ~~~ ~~~
Time loss, cannot be relived.
There is only one childhood.
If we miss our children's milestones (first roll, first walk) , the moment is Gone.
We cannot rewind and watch them grow up again.

Along the way, Mummy and Daddy hope to nurture the kids to be responsible and independent adults. We parents can only show the way, and kids have to decide their own growing-up path.

**NFC and Nuffnang, please grant us an outing on 29th May,
so that we can blog about how our Happy Family can have Fun, together.

** Above SOC (Standard Obstacle Course) pictures are taken from Mindef.
Daddy hopes to illustrate that the challenges encountered by our growing up kids ,
are like our Army training ! They will run into low walls and steps, all waiting to be conquered !

~~ ~~ ~~
If you like NFC's activities, please help to spread the word.


Organised by the National Family Council, National Family Celebrations is an annual event which celebrates and reinforces the importance of families and family life. This year, Singaporeans are encouraged to make a personal commitment to their families by being a part of the Singapore Family Pledge Movement.

To provide opportunities for Singaporeans to follow through on the pledges to their families, there are a myriad of activities under the NFC 2010 calendar – which will interest the young, the old, and everyone in between! NFC 2010 will be held from 25 May to 26 June 2010, and this year marks the 25th Anniversary of the Celebrations. For more information on NFC 2010, visit

**For more promotions, click Nuffnang too.

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