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Saturday, May 22, 2010

We went to Navy Open House - where is our Sub?

Last Saturday, we visited Singapore Navy's open house in the afternoon.
We had hoped to touch some submarines, and maybe see some actions.

We took the shuttle bus from Expo to Changi Naval Base.
The sky threatens to pour, with gloomy clouds over the horizon.

Luckily, it was not so hot. And we get some sea breeze occasionally.

This is the layout for Changi Naval Base. Even an Aircraft carrier can park here.
But today, this is our playground :0

Video : Festive mood

Kang is impressed, and is asking about recruitment exercise for Divers !

The Naval Sea Display runs twice daily.
We heard Sat morning's crowd got to see a Challenger class sub.
In the afternoon, Sub was moored..zzz

Navy's Formidable class Frigates are clearly a hit with visitors.
Their hulls are shaped differently to absorb radar signals.
Daddy say these Frigates look like small sampans on enemy's radar !

Our Frigate only need only 70 men/women to keep it battle ready.
(that is the seating capacity of our SBS buses)

Thank you, we are not driving today !

Besides the raw machines, visitors are also treated to lion dance performance.
Navy Open House relly feels like a big fun Carnival..

We learn how divers undergo their training, to become Elites.

At 1530, gun fire rattles the sea front.
Crowds has already packed the piers to jostle for best view.
Terrorist caught some hostages, and Singapore needs our valiant divers to save the day.

Video : SOF in action, but Yi was sleeping throughout

Video : counter attacks, more fire fights

Video : Salute, splash!

More exhibits.. we do not mind the aircon tents :p

Finally, we found our Archer submarine (although it is only a model)
We touch some torpedoes, and Harpoon missiles.

We saw some future concept vessels.
After 3 hours, we are starting to sweat again.

Duck tours.. unfortunately we could not take any cruise, as someone is below 90cm !
If Daddy has only come with Wei and Kang, maybe we would take some cruises :p

Photo times, we can act like Navy personnel, even thought we did not board any ship.

This is our favourite ship, Endurance Class LST (Landing Ship Tank)
Daddy tells us some Pumas (?) can land on the ship backside,
and the door behind can hide motor boats. Cool !!

Second hand strollers anybody?

Fun fares, for everybody. Why no tattoos?
It would be cool to paste an Archer submarine, or Harpoon missile on our cheeks :p

Daddy : Althought the bus queues were long, we did not have to wait long. We would have love to board some ships. but average waiting time is 30 to 45min,
and Mr Boon Yi is below 90cm :p

Does everyone on the cruises really need to wear life jackets?
Daddy thought we can afford to be more gung-ho, and daring.

**Click for more photos from 111,000 visitors to NOH 2010 !!

** If you are interested in defence stuffs, visit our 2009ArmyOpenHouse Blog.


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