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Monday, May 3, 2010

Krabi Day 2 - Four Islands

Too many choices and packages, since we are new to Krabi,
we chose the Four-Islands package :

- Chicken
- Tub
- Poda
- Phra Nang Cave

Long Boat prices :
Adult(450B), Child ( 350B)

Yi shouting : take the next flight to Krabi, we are having FUN !!

We have early breakfast at 0715, since the pickup will arrive at 0830.
Buffet breakfast is sumptuous, but we cannot eat too much,
in case we vomit on the boat :p

The boat area is at Nopparat Beach. Once you disembark,
you will see whole stretch of speed boats and long boats.
Crowded !

Video : LongTail Boat

One L-o-n--g Tail boat can seat 45 passengers, this is not a small sampan.

Mission 1 - Tub island
Sand bank is exposed, allowing us to walk from the boat towards inland.
There are no jetty, so you either climb down a ladder, or jump straight into the sea.

As today is 01May Labour day public holiday,
we see boats and people everywhere !!

Video : Tub Island crowded

Nevertheless, once kids see the sand and water,
they only have FUN in their mind.

Video : Water play

Video : Fishes are coming

One happy family,
Xin always looks alert, after her beauty sleep :p

Tip : It is not easy to climb back onto the boat, as you need to access a ladder.
Luckily, a lot of helpful uncles help us load and upload our kiddos.

Mission 2 - Chicken Island
We smuggled some muffins from breakfast :)

One of the cliffs look like a chicken head, thus the island name.
We did not disembark, although this is fertile snorkeling area.

Video : Chicken Island snorkel

Too bad, Daddy and Mummy cannot somersault into the cool water.
We need to babysit :p

Mission 3 : Poda Island
Lunch is fried rice, appetising when you are hungry :)
We need to recharge our energy, in order to Play harder.

After a quick break, we trek 15min to the other side of the island.
We saw some Tsunami alert signs along the way.
Krabi was also affected by the 2004 Tsunami, but impact is mild,
compared to Phuket and Phi Phi.

Daddy and Mummy were amazed at the kid's endurance.
Weather was scorching hot, and the ground was hot too.
But we heard few complaints.

Maybe the kids are anticipating clear blue skies and green sea beyond?
We were not disappointed,
white sandy beach and picturesque limestone greets us again !!

Video : Poda island

Video : more cliffs

Mission 4 : Phra Nang Cave
Yi and Xin were KO and Mummy rest with them on the boat.
We are out from 0830 to 1400, no wonder kids are tired.

We did not explore the caves, but instead play with sandcastles.
We buried Wei in the sand again. Too bad Yi did not witness this sight.

Video : Sand Play

Did you know Sengkangbabies were on FHM cover for 2010 May Kid's edition keke

Back on board, we quench our thirst with watermelon and mineral water.
It is easily 34 or 35 degrees, and we have our suntans to proof.

Video : Wen Xin Playtime

On the way to our van, we found our photos+frames.
Only 100B each? Singaporeans will say "cheap cheap".

In the van, we are tired but happy.
Daddy wonders how we are going to survive another sun-sand-sea day?

We went out for early dinner. Nobody object to aircon Macdonalds :)
Have you seen a "sawadeeka" Uncle Ronald before?
Daddy has not seen Pork burger before yummy.

Last mission of the day, is dedicated to Mummy. She needs to do some shopping, otherwise our trip will be mission-fail hehe.

Video : F1 Tuk Tuk brings us home

Daddy : Krabi (甲米) is paradise. The limestones, green seas, white beaches,
are postcard perfect. Everywhere you turn, more limestones greet you.

There are fishes everywhere for the kids to feed. However, we suspect
there could be too many people, as water clarity is not crystal clear.
Tip : kid's life jacket are rare, you might want to consider buying them from town first.

More to come : Krabi activities for kids (甲米)
Day 1 - Arrival
Day 2 - Four Islands

Day 3- Hong Island
Day 4 - R&R

*updated 2010May - if you love our Krabi review, visit our Redang blog


  1. hello there!your kids are so adorable...i like your blog...it is so detailed..

    im angela from bangkok...im planning to go to krabi in June...

    did u stay in krabi town for accommodation?
    if so...how to go to ao nang for the island hopping?did u book ahead for your island hopping?

    how to get to krabi town from airport?is there a bus or songtew?how muc is the fare?

    how many people can ride on a long-tail boat?

    is 450 baht inclusive of food,fare and snorkelling equipments?

    your answers are appreciated...thanks...

  2. hi Angela,

    - Krabi town is 90 min away from Ao Nang.
    - if you are exploring the islands, stay in Ao Nang
    - you get boat trips in Ao Nang, either from Resorts, or the various travel-agencies. You can book one day before.
    - long-boat can accomodate 45 people, quite cramp
    - 450 is Nett, all inclusive


  3. Thanks much Andy...i can't wait for our trip :)

  4. Have fun Carrie :)
    If bringing kids along, we recommend u get chidren life-vest from AoNang shops first

  5. hello, i like your blog...it is very helpful. I so admired your and your wife both of your are so energetics.

    I am thinking of bringing my 2 kids(age 3 and 6mth old baby) in late Nov to krabi. hope your can give me some advise. is it ok to bring infants? I plan for a relaxing 4day3night trip. Do your have any nice beach hotel in mind to recommend? Is the hong island hopping too tired for the infants?

    any comments would be helpful!

  6. hi Nicole, thanks for visiting :)

    1) we had best experience at Hong Island. Swim at the section with smaller currents.

    2) but island hopping can be tiring..because you are out from 0900 to 1500 covering a few island.
    Our smaller kids doze off on the beach.

    3) Choose resort near AoNong beach (we pick LaPlaya, but a bit out of the way (friendly staff). Would recommend u goold tripAdvisor and LonelyPlanet :)

    4) Have u read our Redang article? Redang is more relaxing for us, but Krabi is more value for money. Not sure which one is more suitable for your family :)

    5) children love the sand, swimming, and fish Feeding !

  7. thanks for ur prompt reply.. I would like to go redang too.. but now til march is monsoon season. so thinking of krabi for recent trips. btw, how old is your gal when ur went for krabi trip? Thanks a lot.

  8. My girl was 11 months old when we went Krabi.
    We actually warm-up with Redang, before we embark on Krabi. We will definitely visit Krabi or Samui again.

    Oh, and we would recommend you to find another family to go together :
    1. kids will have more fun
    2. more people to look after kids

  9. Hi there,

    I am having a dilemma between Hong Islands and 4 Islands day tour.

    Which would you recommend if time is limited.

    Thank you :)

  10. Hi, can you recommend the tour agency contact you used for your Krabi island boat trip? thanks!

  11. hi Marc, we went 8 years ago, our agencies might not be relevant anymore.


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