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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Buffet at Sakura - Mother's day celebration

Last Sunday, we brought Mummy and 奶奶 to Sakura at Admiralty.

Internation buffet for $25 ++.
Daddy thought Admiralty would be secluded, but were we wrong.
Restaurant was packed when we arrive at 1730.

Kids are happy to grab anything on their plate, while adults has wide selection of food, cook or raw to choose from. The varierty and quality is impressive.

Only thing is the noise level, high decibel throughout.
Well for $25, we cannot complain :)

Happy Mother's day..
Daddy tell kiddos, celebrate your Mummies everyday, not only on Mother's day :p

The only sore point was non-existent customer service.
- We arrive during heavy downpour.
- No shelter, and no umbrellas on loan from service staff.
- you get wet alighting from car, and you get wet again going down the spiral staircase.
- we sincerely hope this is once off incidence, and not "standard" service from Suki ! !

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