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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Canon 500 or Nikon 5000, a comittment to Better photos

Daddy's current cameras are both Point and Shoot (P&S).
Canon A630 - for speed and convenience, and underwater
Fuji S1500 - for night shoot and x12 zoom

Both have serve us well, but Daddy say he has outgrown the cameras :
- kids are running faster, and cameras are struggling to capture "motion"
- we are staying out later, when light is lesser, and sometimes P&S lose their focus
- ladies are using bigger DSLRs, and Daddy is sometimes embarrassed to bring out his little P&S

Mummy says all these are Daddy's excuse for a new toy.
Nevertheless, Daddy has shortlisted :

Both DSLRS are entry level SLRS, which suits Daddy.
SLR will be a new platform to brush up his skills, so he can take better photos of us.

However, do not expect Daddy to be getting any tripod, super teleLens or microMacro lens (read not-cheap ) yet. Too much hassles lugging a big accessories-bag, and kids are notoriously impatient :0

Rational or requirement to upgrade to DSLR:
- ability to take multiple shots, very important if you wish to snapshot Active kids
- must have video recording (not necessary HD)
- would be nice to have a flip-LCD, for overhead or ground-level shots (different perspectives)
- more features to explore breadth/depth, via aperture, shutter and iso
- lastly, Daddy is envious of other parenting blogs, where kids always look sharp, and features prominent, with Dslr.

**disclaimer.. a DSLR does not guarantee good photos.

We still need imagination, perspiration, determination to capture that Perfect shot.
It helps if you are passionate about your subject.
Before we snaps away, we should have a rough idea of the story we wish to tell :)

If you have any personal reviews or feedback, please share them with me.
Meanwhile, Daddy needs to do more reading, touchings,
and make a decision during PC Show 10-13Jun 2010.

More photo tips are available from :

Online Photography lessons :
- CnetAsia
- Canon

**updated 14Jun - camera selected


  1. If I were you, I go for the D5000 xD

  2. Dropping by ere. I Would choose canon 500. hehe. =). just my choice. NIce site ere. Do drop to mine too yeah. nanged ur post

  3. Actually they both have their strengths, I went for the Canon in the end though, I've scouted a few parenting photoblogs and most of them use the Canon plus a good set of lens.

  4. Well, as a Canon user, i would recommend the 500D and its lens are slightly cheaper than Nikon.

    But instead of 500D, do get the 550D (latest model).

  5. Lean and Victor - thanks for visiting.
    Dalphne - yup, I will not go wrong with either. cheers, all.

  6. thks for visiting XinYun.
    If i get Canon, 500D is good enough :)

  7. The difference in price between 500D and 550D isn't too much. I just got the 550D a few months ago and I love it~!

  8. yo, thks Kelvin. u share camera tips, maybe next time I can share Daddy's tips haha


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