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Monday, May 3, 2010

Krabi Day 3 - Hong Island

Yesterday, we took slow LongTail boat, and today,
we will be zipping around with speedboat.

- Pak Bia
- Lading
- Hong Lagoon
- Hong Beach

Speed Boat prices :
Adult (1200B), Child ( 1000B)

After breakfast, we roam around hotel looking for photo opportunities.

We took a pickup to Ao Nang beach just 5 min away

Video : Windy and Noisy, yet she sleeps

Long Tail boat and Speedboat offers different experiences, but kids are indifferent.
They still enjoy their boat trips :)

# First stop - Pak Bia Island

A sandy strip of beach separates two water bodies.
Only one side is suitable for swimming and fish feeding.
(the other side is padded with sharp corals and pebbles !)

Video : Pak Bia Island

If you do not enjoy the water, you will enjoy the sand (just like Ah Kang No2)

# Second Stop - Lading Island

Video : Lading Island activities

Swim, feed, sand, or just rest..anything you prefer, this is your island !!

Video : Xin, you like the waves or not? Face Expression no change?

This island feels secluded (which island is not?)
The fishes here are not shy of humans.

Video : Yi got intimidated by fish (1min 10s)

Mount Up. Water melon treat, C.o.o.l !!

Video :bumpy boat

Video : # Third Stop - Hong's lagoon

Serene. Peaceful. Eerily quiet. Postcard perfect !

Video : If only we can jump into the lagoon..

Lunch break, picnic by the beach.

Video : Lunch break . How come kids do not seem tired?

There is this overhanging cliff, we just have to explore the coastline.

Video : Swimming under cliff, cool !!

Video : Yi is always smiley and chirpy

Are we ready for next stop?
Xin is active now, but she will soon go into dreamland...

Video : Wei, can you swim faster?

# Fourth Stop - Hong Beach

Video : Hong's beach - Krabi's best playground (for us)

Our swimming pool is flank by limestone-walls.
Waves enter through two side entrance.
If you are standing near intersection, you will feel warm and cool waves !!

Video : beautiful beach, but she is sleeping again!!

Wei and Yi had the most Fun here, while Kang choose to play with sand.
Maybe Kang have phobia of waves, or fishes?

Video : Fish attack #1

Video : Waves are coming, hide !

More pictures..

Video : Fish attack #2

Little girl, you wake up already? Did you miss any Fun ? keke

Video : Run, who is No1 ?

Look what we found !! Our Fan has engrave our initials on the sand !!
What a plesant surprise :p

Video : Xin first time facing Sand and wave, Alone !

We spend two whole hours at Hong's beach,
and we have so much fun at with Koh Hong package, compared to 4-Islands (Day 2)

The smaller ones always tired out first, even Daddy feels sleepy and worn out....

row row row your boat.... Quick bring us home to rest..

Video : her hair looks cool, but Kang is tired

After reaching hotel, we took a quick shower, and march out for early dinner.
Cannot afford to sleep, otherwise we will all wakeup for breakfast haha.

We Rsvp 6pm at restaurant e-San.
Heard some good reviews about this restaurant.

Since we are early, we got BK ice cream treat.

..we loiter around Ao nang streets...

Quick, serve us dinner, we are hungry !!

Food at "e-san" is so so..we had better food and fried rice from room service.
Unfortunately, we do not have much chance to look for "good" restaurants..

Daddy :
If you can choose only one island-hopping package, choose Koh Hong.
We thought Four island was fun, but Koh Hong will blow you away !!
Fun is Guranteed!

More to come : Krabi activities for kids (甲米)
Day 1 - Arrival
Day 2 - Four Islands

Day 3- Hong Island
Day 4 - R&R

*updated 2010May - if you love our Krabi review, visit our Redang blog


  1. May I know which company did you book the hong island tour? Is it a full day tour? How was the lunch? Suitable for young kid like 3yo?

  2. hi Diana, we got it from "". There are some posters on Day 4 blogpost. Most resorts will have their own preferred vendor, or you can grab one along the many touist-agencies along Aonong beach.

  3. Thanks Andy !

    Too bad we are going next wk, raining season. Wish to go boating but safety is the main concern. I know it is unsafe to go by long tail boat. How about speedboat? Do you think it is ok?

  4. You will miss a lot of thing if it rains :)
    Key thing would be snorkeling and fish-feeding.

    I prefer speedboat compared to longboat (faster, less cramp, more andrenalin). If possible, try both.

    Back to your question, only the operator can advice you, maybe you can research some wet-weather activities for kids :)

  5. Hi Andy, came across your blog while reading up for krabi trip with my 15mo. I know it's been a long time, but do you recall if the streets in ao nang are smooth & wide enough for a pram (whenever we're out for meals or window shopping)?

    Also, for island-hopping.. would you recommend the longtail or speedboat (safety-wise throughout journey & while dis/embarking), considering it's my first time bringing along my child?

    Thanks in advance!

  6. Hi Alina,

    the pavement is not smooth and some sections narrow.
    For Island hopping, speedboat definitely safer. Longboat takes longer and might induce sea sickness (ask operator for children sized life jacket)


    1. Hi Andy and alina, I came across this blog. Anyway i went to ao nang on End Feb. Ao nang pavement is wide enough for pram to go through in street but pavement might be not smooth. But the street is okay.


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