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Friday, May 7, 2010

Wen Yi gets bitemark frequently - sob

Recently, our N1 boy keeps bringing bitemarks home.
He seems to have step on someone's toes?
(or Chinese say 八字不合? almanac crash )

Upon investigation, we found out the "aggressor" is a girl !!
Teachers has already spoken to the parents, but Caucasian parents
is nonchalant ( bo chap ) @$##%#@

What can we do when our kids are bullied in school?
- confrontation is a last resort, and it is not likely to resolve anything

- Mummy will teach Yi to avoid the "girl"

- Daddy will let Yi watch kungFu movies or cartoon. Teach him self-defence :p

- ask elder sibling to act as bouncer? (but Kang always play and neglect Yi)

- Meanwhile Teachers will protect Boon Yi like endangered species
(refer image above, wildlife, get it? keke)

Hope this phase will go over quickly
Sometimes, we wish the the other child will get some bite-treatment from others,
just to sample our anguish. Oops, we can be Mean !!

Having sent four kids through childcare,
we understand how some kids resort to biting,
when they feel threatened, or are frustrated.

- this normally happens when fighting over toys or food.

- we can only persistently teach kiddos that biting is not correct (no no)

- normally a child, who has not learn how to share yet, will express their frustration or desperation through bites. ( this is more common with single child family :p )

Daddy say so much, end up still say-only, no action (Nato)

**above image taken from

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