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Friday, May 28, 2010

If you like nature, subscribe to nParks

In case you need some ideas for coming Jun school holidays,
why not subscribe to nParks?

You might get tips or hands-on fun :

- maybe trekking around Maritchie
- learning about Cactus at Hort Park?
- blading activities at Bishan
- kites at West Coast
- eco system at Chek Jawa
- Jacob Ballas, Sungei Buloh
- the list is endless

Kids will have one more excuse to play under the Sun :)

Click to Visit nParks


  1. Hi, saw your video on OMY and popped by to say hi. You have some very active kids!

  2. hello Daphne,
    I take that as a compliment :p
    You got a nice blog, voted for your Omy entry too.
    - will be following your blogs
    - your kids pictures are enough reason for me to invest in dslr.

  3. Hahaha. Yes it is! Cos my kids are very active too. Thanks for voting and leaving a comment too. Really appreciate it.


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