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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Army Open House AOH 2009

What did Daddy do to us? All KO in car.? Read on...

Back to our story. We woke up to a groomy sky. No Sunshine, all Rain from Met service!!!
Luckily our persistence, and kids' chanting of rain-rain-go-away helps..
We sent the thunderstorm packing from Pasir Leba.

Video : downpour on CTE

Army Open House is divided into 7 worlds.

Do we look garang with our stripes?
Can u spot Kang?

We explore the static displays.
Boys will be boys, as long got guns, (BIG) wheels, they are happy.
However, Yi was not very co-operative. He ws very cranky and refuse to pose for photos. Yi even refuse to let his companions poise.
Even mighty Chinhook could not sooth Yi, and Daddy was mildly embarassed :)
Kang checking out whether chinhook need to refill?

Kang : Tell you one last time, Bob the Builder is not here today.
Daddy did not forget to punish us with 27Ton Bionix.
Some parents think we look comical haha.Bridge also got 3G?Video : when Yi feels good , he boogies.

More exhibits.
Leopard pushing was brutal :(
We must have really annoyed Daddy.

Video : View from the top

Video : Check out cool Videos of other worlds ..

More videos from CyberPioneerTV-->

HomeLand show.. how does our security forces respond to terrorist threats?Police, ambulance, Rhino, ford, robotic, All in.

Video : starts with a fire..

Even Mas Selamat got a cameo role in his dirty 战无不胜 van.

Video : More racing

Video : Loud BOom !!

After the fighting, we ran down to the parade square to see our heroes and villains upfront.

Shall we go to protect Jurong Island or Airport?
-Clockwise from Top-left :
- Homeland Security Men and boys.
- Shall we drive this buggy off, and dump the funny-suit uncle behind?
- Look, even dog wear mask. Doggie, sit.
- Mr Policeman, please do not tell my Daddy I pee in my pants ok
Yi: I will be Parade commander next time. Do I walk like a Big Boss?

Our tattoos

Video : better Air ourselves, or else Mummy will complain we are smelly.

Soldiers go marching home..

We stop at Singapore Discovery Centre to take in the view.

we can only cover Combat world and ActionWorld.
AdventureLand - too far away, and kids tired.
BattleWorld - Kids too small to ride.

Too bad we have to miss the afternoon shows, which would be more exciting, as it involves the armoured vehicles storming a mock house.

ps.. back to our first picture, now you know why we are so tired Zzz

** updated 24May2010 - click to visit our 2010 Navy Open house too !


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