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Monday, May 3, 2010

Krabi Day 4 - rest & relax

Mummy say today is Rest and Relax (R&R), and we need to
recover our strength. What is R&R?

We are all tanned, adults are tired, but kids are still energetic.
Boundless energy, that is Youth for you!!

We woke up at 8am for our breakfast, and we welcome the extra hour of slumber zz.

After breakfast, we laze around on bed, playing our favourite toy cars.
These cars will follow us on every holiday trip.

Let us take some photos for our folks back home.
Daddy was worried kiddos' din would wake up neighbours.

Who wants to dive in? Wei and Kang gamely pose.
Hotel has a small garden in the backyard, providing respite from the sun.

The boys running and sprinting along our corridor.
Shadow casted from the railing looks artistic.

Have you noticed Krabi's blue-sky is always Blue? and with a lot of fluffy clouds !
Too bad Singapore seldom have this type of tone.

Our balcony, and more cars.
It is always Wei and Yi with cars, they exhibit similar traits.

Video : View from Balcony

After a short rest, we trooped outside for last minute shopping.

Look what we bought.. life-jacket, beach wear, snorkel set.
These items are not cheap, as Krabi merchandise are targeted at tourists :p

We should have bought them on Day 1 :p

Packed and ready for our transfer to airport.
Kids entertained themselves.
Wei start blogging about our Krabi experience !

Our friendly staff at La Playa.
They are always accommodating, and very fond of our kids.

Everybody likes to hug Yi and Xin (the two smallest cutest) members.
They really make our stay enjoyable :)

Video : Ao Nang beach, bye bye

On the way to airport, more blue skies, we are going to miss the Blues !!

Darling, we hope you have enjoy our Krabi escapade ..smooch :)

Video : Home Sweet Home

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ Summary over last four days ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

We have booked our islands package from Ao Nang Speed Boat Tour.
There a lot of competition, so we believe you are unlikely to get further discounts :p

Summary between Redang and Krabi (our own opinion)

1) Activities for kids

- mostly snorkelling and more snorkelling.
- fish feeding is available at beach outside Laguna resort

- elephant trekking, horse riding, shopping and eateries abundance, although some might want to stay secluded.
- you can even visit temples and hot springs (in the middle of jungle)
- krabi has city-shopping package, but we were not interested
- island hopping are our highlights

2) Island hopping
- activities confined to island, less island hopping packages, suspect Redang targeting dive-tours or honeymooner (romance)
- depending where you live, roads are not illuminated at night.
- MarinePark offers pristine sand and water quality
- beach quality at doorstep (both Berjaya and Laguna resort) is generally better than Krabi (no need to travel out)
- forget about shopping
- beach outside laguna stretch offers night activities

- multiple islands to explore (our kids enjoy the hops)
- beach at Krabi (Ao Nang) is inferior to Redang's
- for Redang quality sand/water, need to charter boats to island (1/2 days package)

3) Food
- a lot of rendang and spicy dishes, limited dishes for kids
- unless you dine in

- lots of eateries, non spicy for kids
- we are guilty of fast food

You will have fun at either Redang or Krabi.
For more Redang activities, please go to this fabulous site --> http://redang.org

One last point on Krabi,
if you can only choose only one island hopping package, go for Hong Island.

We might try Railey and PhiPhi , or even 1 day Phuket on our next trip :)
... or you can reference ChinChin's Maya/PhiPhi blog.

Have we convinced you to book Krabi for your next trip already ?

ps.. if you have been to Maldives, please do not compare. Different league :p

Krabi activities for kids (甲米) :
Day 1 - Arrival
Day 2 - Four Islands
Day 3- Hong Island
Day 4 - R&R

*updated 2010May - if you love our Krabi review, visit our Redang blog


  1. i have been to redang.. hope to be in krabi one day =)

  2. Krabi is so near to Malaysia.
    In Singapore,we only have artificial beach at Palawan, Sentosa :p

  3. Hi

    Come across your blog while i am searching for inform on Krabi. I am bring my boys, age 5 and 8 this coming holiday to Krabi. Can i know how much the life vest cost you buying from Krabi? Where is the shop that you get the life vest? And do you think they have size for my boys?

    Thanks in advance for your advice :)


  4. hi Ace,

    The shops are all along Ao Nong beach.
    Most shops which sells kids' float should carry the vests. I can only estimate price to be around sgd$15 or less.


  5. Hi Andy

    Many thanks for your reply.
    I saw life jacket at Gaint for $12.90 but the quanlity dun look good. I thought yours look better since if about the same i think i will get from Ao Nang instead of bring there :)


    1. hi Ace, the choice is yours :)
      Unfortunately, the boat operators normally do not have kids' life jacket.


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