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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Our Blog has hit 5000 reads !!

Yes, we got 5000 visitors since we started blogging in Mar2009.
Ecstatic is an understatement. We are over the moon, and happy that our supporters keep on coming back to our blogs.

We got some compliments along the way, mostly how "Adorable" our kiddos are, a "happy" family etc. Every encouragement spurs Daddy to carry on writing.

家家有本难念的经, Daddy's blogging style is to try to highlight the Fun part..
We do have our challenges, but no point harping about the bad episodes :)

Daddy started blogging because :

- he wants to share kiddo's growth stages. Our Blog becomes our online Diary, not only for ourselves, but also for friends and acquaintances.

- we wanted to bring our kiddos to places of interests in Singapore. Most blogs/reviews lacks children participation, and we can only anticipate the fun-factor. Daddy will try to blog our "excursions" from a child's point of view. Hey, along the way, Daddy and Mummy get to relieve their childhood memories too !!

- that explains why our blog contains so much pictures and videos !!

- our motto - bring Joy to kiddos' lives. They grow up all too fast hehe.

Some interesting findings :

** Someone listed here is our 5000th visitor !!

**Most popular searches or references

- NanQiao Primary balloting
- Redang Day 1/2/3/4
- Istana Open House
- Sakae Sushi

**Because our Blog is titled Boys.Girl, we got some unwanted hits from people who googled "boys girls XXcensoredXX" !!
I guess this is one of the perils of being exposed in the WWW.

To our beloved readers, please keep on supporting us.

-Terima Kaseh
-Thank You
-KamSa HaMiDa

Feel free to leave your recommendations and feedback
Either on cbox, or just email us at lee.peng1@gmail.com

Cheers to the next milestone, 10,000 hits !!

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