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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lion Dance performance

While waiting for his class, we saw a Mediacorp drama shooting onsite.
Lion dance was engaged to celebrate the shop opening.

A crowd has already gathered around the crew, but we soon realised 90% of them are carafare (part-timers).

We did not manage to catch any famous Tv star or artistes though.

Video : Daddy recorded this scene for Wei, who is already in class "dong(3) dong cheng(1)".

Daddy made a silly mistake while recording with phone, we should use Landscape orientation ,instead of Portrait. Otherwise we need to tilt our head 90 degrees clockwise during playback !! .. still searching for a tool to correct Video orientation.

Daddy : Our kids are Lion Dances fan. Everytime while driving, and we hear a Lion-Dance lorry behind us, Daddy will wind down our windows so we can hear to "clangs" and the "chengs" clearly. Wen Yi and Wen Xin are not impressed :p

Update 24Jan2010
We found this familer LionDance TV 8 today. Too bad we did not see Joanne Peh on actual day.

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