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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Nan Qiao 南侨 Primary School - Week One progress

One week has passed.. Wei has so far, enjoy his new school.
But he still wakes up and ask where is Kang and Yi and Xin (in childcare)

This is his Teacher handbook, whereby kiddos will scribble message to parents. Not sure whether all text are eligible :p

His TimeTable.. Mummy paste this on notice board,
and Wei need to learn how to pack his own bag (soon..)

- Children lunch in, no Tuckshop.
School always start with reading session at 1300.

Wed - First tuckshop, and Wei dares to buy an ice cream,
Mummy's face was Black :p

Thu - Teacher Yeo assign Wei as "Little Teacher", look after class when Teacher not around. Daddy suspect Wei need more time to handle himself, and now he can mind other people business?

Wei's daily allowance is $1.20 per day. This should be enough for tuckshop food (not including treats and sweets). In addition, Mummy keep some spare cash in bag secret compartment.

Wei knows how to navigate his way to hall or classroom from gate, as Parents cannot go into school compound anymore..

He knows how to ask for permission to go toilet. Not bad.
(Daddy last time got phobia, and will hold his bladder)

At dismissal, Wei knows he cannot leave school until he sees Mummy or 奶奶. Parents with school going kids will know how exits are always jam-packed !! And when it rains.. bigger jam.

Meanwhile, Daddy is still trying to teach Wei to count with coins. Wei can identify up to $1.00, but he has problem with $1.10, $1.20 and so on. Wei got problem substracting, so he will always gives "tips".

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