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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Xin learning to stand, and cold-treatment (ii)

When Daddy or Mummy needs to attend to something, we normally give Wen Xin some playthings. Anything goes, as long as she is occupied for a few minutes ;)

But Daddy, as usual, like to disturb our 妹妹 (sister).
Video : Xin likes Root beer?

As Xin is getting mobile, Daddy capture one candid climb on video.

Video : Ah Girl standing, with some help

Daddy whisphering to Mummy : The boys will understand why Daddy dote on our litte princess :)
This adorable girl dispenses her megawatt Smile to everybody.


  1. :) nice
    when she gets older and looks at this, she'll be laughing. :D

  2. whenever we play back this (Mummy and Daddy), good vibes thumbs-up ! That is advantage of blog. It "archive" our memories (good and bad) to review later.


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