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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Blogger's bug

Just noticed something recently.
We can set how many topics to display on main-page. Ideally, the lesser number of topics, the faster your blog would load. However, this page-control thingy does not apply to your "archives" or "labels"!!

Looking at screenshot below, if you click on "2009", or "excursion-gathering" , everything will be loaded onto one page !! Daddy wonder how many readers got the luxury 100Mb broadband at home? Otherwise, most readers will get time-out.

What are our alternatives?

- maybe set archive period to weekly
- to display your "archive'" or "labels" topics as summaries of only one or two paragraphs.
- breakdown labels into smaller segments, then use cloud-label.
More tips here -->

- migrate to WordPress :p

Hope someone from Blogger will develop a workaround quick. Or if you have recommendations, please share with me.
Meanwhile, you might need to rely on traditional "Search button :(

**updated 25Feb2010 -- problem resolved, but Blogger did not make any announcements?

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