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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Pacifier, can you comfort me?

Daddy call pacifier 仙丹 (elixir) :p
Kiddos cannot do without it, and Parents are desperate when babies start brawling without cause. Even Wiki entry mention some adults use pacifiers
(to eliminate snoring haha)

As a last resort, we will unleash pacifier to sooth baby.
Wen Wei was the only exception, he only gets to suck thumb :)

Wen Kang was addicted to pacifier. Until he saw a "dead" roach hiding near his pacifier compartment!! From that day onward, he would hesitate before plugging in his pacifier. He has developed a mental-block which equate pacifier=cockroach!! Mummy is not complaining.

Wen Yi was a casual "smoker". He does not need pacifier to clam him down, but he enjoy the "kick" !! Second day since we conveniently "lose" his pacifier. Yi is unhappy but ....

Daddy and Mummy both agree kiddos's relationship with pacifier should end quick,
长痛不如短痛. Wen Xin, you are NEXT! hee hee

Some traditional (old wives) tales to remove pacifier addition :
- add chili
- coat hong-yew (medicated oil !!)
- just dump pacifier, and let child cry through cold-turkey period

Some growing up photos.. from one to four

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