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Monday, January 18, 2010

Our trusted stroller review - Maclaren Volo

This Maclaren Volo has been with us for six months now.
This workhorse has serves us well, over rough terrains, puddles, up and down stairs.
When Daddy bring the boys out hiking, he relies on his Volo.
We like to take turn seating in the stroller, or pushing the stroller.

Occasionally, Daddy bring a buggy-board along.
Video : brothers pushing, and Kang standing on Buggy

As Mummy will be using the stroller more frequently (especially when Daddy goes overseas or reservist), her stroller criteria :

1. must be light weight (Mummy is petite)
2. but not flimsy
3. easy to open and close. (Look at Maclaren's 5-second fold demo. Enough say. )
4. lasting and durable
5. hopefully not too expensive !!

Video : cross country

As this Volo is recommended for babies above 6 months old, we can only give it a 9/10.
Otherwise it will be the perfect stroller for us.

**highly recommended for active parents and kids

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