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Monday, January 11, 2010

take aim, Piss. Miss again? #@$%

If you have a boy in your home, you will likely go through the same stench.. Yucks. Our Kiddos can aim, but they sometimes choose to aim for the toilet paper, anti-slip mat or the buckets @#$@#
Above picture taken from http://www.clker.com

In twilight, when Wei wakes up to answer the Call of Nature, he has mistaken our poor dustin for toilet bowl before. Is Wei so tired :p

Poor dustin, poor daddy, who needs to mop the floor.

Maybe Daddy need to draw a bull's eye on the toilet bowl?
Or send boys through sniper/marksman course to aim into the toilet bowl?
avatars myspace at Gickr.com
Now, we know why some public toilets are still dirty, after countless campaigns.
We need one more generation to change mindset of Singaporeans, treat toilets as our own.

Meanwhile, you can share your kiddo's toilet culture with us :)

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