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Friday, January 22, 2010

Wen Kang plays Big Brother in school now

老二, 你长大了. Since Wei is now in Primary school, Kang is shouldering extra responsibility as Big brother to Wen Yi and Wen Xin.

After Mummy say bye byes in the morning, Kang becomes Daddy's little helper in car.

When Wen Xin cries, Kang will pluck in pacifier, or sing a song for her.

Kang is behaving like a darling in school too.
At least, we do not hear so much complains from teachers already :p

Kang has grow into his new big-Brother role very naturally. Mummy Daddy nudged and nag him a few times. We encourage Kang to be Big Brother, then " 要好好照顾弟弟妹妹ok ".

Kang seems eager to take up more responsibilities, and teachers are praising him more frequently. Kang is very helpful, and always offers his assistance.

We also noticed Kang's routine tantrums has tone down.
But our little Kang is still very mischievous and cheeky :p
If we just Overlook his stubbornness, Wen Kang is a very likable boy :)

Video : Look at Kang, so chubby, when he just master walking

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