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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Garden of Eden, Where?

We brought Xin and Yi to see our pediatrician this morning.
Everybody got some form of flu or cough.

While waiting, Daddy brought the boys to explore a niche garden hiding somewhere...
Our doctor has moved to Novena Medical Centre, or Novena 2.

A lot of buildings are under construction along Novena.
But this little garden provided much needed respite from the heat.

The boys? They get to disturb some fishes, and throw some stones!!
Daddy : Do not throw stones downstairs !! (we are at Level 7)

Video : Exploring mini-garden, the trees, fish and stones
Daddy would least expect the kiddos to have so much fun in a mini garden, in a high-rise building. Imagine how much more fun the boys will get, if they explore the gardens Duxton, at 50th storeys!!

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