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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wen Xin is seven months old

Our princess, Wen Xin is seven months old already.

She can now sit on her own confidently, and has started to eat porridge in school. Wen Xin is a happy go lucky gal, and she enjoys her brothers' company.

Video : Look at me, Mum. No hands!!

Look at Xin crawling/hopping to grab Daddy's phone, she is very determined.
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Video : Daddy warms up Xin

Daddy suspects Wen Xin is vain, as she likes to look at her own reflection :)

Video : Destroyer

Video : Yi, she does not like the doll!!

Daddy : Wen Xin just moved to "older"Infants' section . Teacher complains she is now very mobile, and always crawl or knock into other babies !!
We are happy that Xin enjoys her nap and food in LV.

..and she is growing fast..

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