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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mummy's SAHM experience

Since 04-Jan-2010, Mummy is a part-time Stay-At-Home-Mum (SAHM). Mummy has always highlighted her intention to be a SAHM, even before she married Daddy :p

.. but somehow, our babies keep popping up, and Daddy managed to persuade Mummy to postpone her "ambition".

Mummy's daily activities can include :
- supervising Wen Wei's study
- cooking lunch or dinner
- sweeping or mopping
- wash clothes
- clothes ironing
- etc

Being a Mummy is a full time job, 24 hours around the clock.
Doing housework is no joke, and tasks are never-ending.
That is why Daddy still prefer getting stressed at work, rather then bogged down by house chores :)

Being a housewife is not about being glamorous.
We see Tai Tais go for Spas, massages, manicures, brunch, shopping, in TV dramas.
Reel and real life are different :0

Despite her hectic schedule, Mummy never regrets making the switch, allowing her to spend more time with family. Nurturing Wen Wei's primary school progress is her top priority now. Mummy finds her daily routines fullfilling and enriching.

ps.. we have not even started yaking about the daily challenges we encounter, mingling and dealing with our little monsters.

Daddy's excuse : His housework is half-past-six, and will not match Mummy's expectations.
At least he bring the kiddos out to play keke :p

--> the man from our cartoon (top of page) could be referring to Daddy !!

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