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Friday, January 29, 2010

Blog enhancement - widgets and fancy stuffs

Daddy has been quietly adding new layouts and widgets to our blog, example :
- third column, but main-page still need tweaking
- twitting but nobody follows (yet)
- view Daddy's favourite blogs, click on Complete Profile
- more tidbits coming..

As we blog and discovers, Daddy is exploring and understanding the "Whys" and the "Whats" better. More things to learn and adapt. Only no time ... ...

Noticed anything new on our blog?

Daddy noticed the blog effects and layout, differs from browser to browser.
We are using Mozilla 80%, IE8 10% (only for Blog editing), , and Google-Chrome 10%. Seems like Chrome is still loading most webpages faster.

If you are interested in any gadgets which we have on our blog, just drop a note. We would be glad to share.

Feel free to visit these cool blogging gurus for tips and references:

Meanwhile, if you like our posts, and if you are free, please help to click on our NuffNang advertisements. (top right ). Hopefully, it will help roll in some $$vitamins for buying pamper or milk powder haha

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