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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Daddy, keep quiet !! when you drives..

Daddy is a chauffeur to ferry kiddos to and fro school daily.
While driving, as much as Daddy would like to chit chat with the kiddos, he better keep quiet. Why?

Because Mei Mei Wen Xin always wants someone to hug and carry, and if she knows Daddy/Mummy is in car, she will cry and tear down the roof !!

When she cries, Daddy cannot soothe her, nor calm her down.
Once Wen Xin detects Daddy's voice, we suspect she will be pondering why-nobody-hug-her- yet, and will cry even louder.

oh... This little girl is making Daddy feel guilty,
and 提心吊胆 (apprehensive) at the same time.
Hug her, not possible.
If we do not hug her, so cruel :(

Luckily, Daddy can really on Wen Kang (No2) to the rescue.
Read the other post on Wen Kang acting like big-brother...
Kang will sing song and lullaby Xin to sleep.

Daddy only prays Wen Yi(no3) and Wen Xin do not gang up and throw tantrums simultaneously. Did we highlight before that Wen Yi is going through Terrible-two phase now? We will talk about that later...

Car Motion
helps to calm Xin down too.
When car moves, Xin keeps quiet.
When car stalls, she starts brawling.

On the other hand, Wen Yi will be trying to spot birds, or buses along the route.
He will exclaim excitedly when he spots something interesting.
Wen Kang will be trying his best to start a conversation with Daddy, but Daddy has to keep quiet. Remember?

!!So Kang and Yi will unintentionaly wakes Wen Xin up again!!

If you spot a Blue MPV with this car Decal, you know who is the driver ;p

Daddy : from our experience, the worst thing Daddy (or any parent can do) is to stop the car and try to hug/pacify baby, because she will not want to settle back into her carseat anymore!! (kiddos are not stupid) ..and please do not speed...
If you really run out of ideas on how to pacify the kiddo, try to keep quiet...

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