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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dads For Life's Family card game

Dads For Life is giving all Dads a deck of card.
Extracted from "Knowing Me, Knowing You" card game : Game is designed for
Dads and children to get to know each other better

Daddy would like to share some of the quotes and questions found within.

Along the way, parents and children get a better understanding of each other

Sometimes, you get inspirational quotes from some VIP, or even a humble quote from a kid who
yearns for more attention from his papa.

It does not matter who is asking the questions, as every family member will have different perspectives.
Play "Knowing me, Knowing you" together as a family, we promise you there will be some laughters :)

Are you interested in this card game? Just email Dads For Life at "dadsforlife.sg@gmail.com"
to request for a free deck.

More information about Dads for Life can be found :
--> http://facebook.com/DadsforLife
--> http://dadsforlife.sg



  1. Hahaha! 10 kids?! Wow... the future birth rate of SG depends on your kiddos :P

  2. Must ask boy be realistic lah, otherwise ah-gong (Andy) and Ah-mah no need retire liao :( (wahaha)


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