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Monday, January 17, 2011

Time Lapse Nikon D5000 - Going to School ! (from 0600 to 0700)

After our (fast forward) swimming experiment, Daddy left Camera clicking away overnight. The result is amazing...

Where did all this children and vehicles came from, jamming the roads and gate!

Taken with Nikon D5000.

1) Menu, "Interval Timer Shooting"
- Set 5s interval, 999 pics, from 0600 to 0700
- "P" mode

2) Just add pictures to WindowsMediaPlayer
- Tools, Options, Advanced
- I set "PictureDuration" = 0.125s , and "TransitionDuration" = 0.25s

Playback and enjoy :p

This in-car sequence just blow me away !!

How Fast can you swim?
Singapore Flyer Rotating at night



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