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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

West Coast Park is a gem !

We live in Sengkang, and West Coast Park is not really nearby (in Singapore's small context). After all, we got Pasir Ris Park, East Coast and even Sengkang's own Floating island to keep us entertained.
But after reading CheekieMonkies West Coast Park review, we just have to Go West.

If you drive, park at Car Park 3, everybody knows Macdonald at West Coast Park.
The playgrounds are just behind.

As we try to find a shady place to setup base, the kids were already excited about
all the swings and nets in the background hehe.

As the weather was still very hot (about 4pm), we warm up with some bubbles,
which never fails to charm the kids!

Daddy's girl is so impressed with the boys+man's bubble skills ! Daddy is very happy
with the creative bubbles captured on film too :)

Are you curious to discover what else West Coast Park has to offer?
There are at least five sections of playgrounds !

Go on, take a peep with Wen Yi, he will show you what is fun at West Coast Park :)

For those under three years old, they would enjoy this motor-car steering wheel, with real sound to boot! There are some pony stool rides to entertain kids.

Fancy a Red Fire Engine? We figure this ride must be Pasir Ris Park's cousin. one would mind the sliding fun, even Mummy joins in the fun :)

Boys (and sometimes girl) just need to climb, jump and perspire.
There are a lot of stations here to test kids' endurance and motor skills.

Look at Yi, he was begging Daddy to help him climb, but Daddy ignore him. Boy got frustrated and mounted the wall ceremoniously, you should see how proud Yi was of his own achievement keke.

Ok, the next game is not for the faint-hearted, and recommended only for 7 years old and above (Kang is six oops). Kids have to navigate the rope-maze to third or even fourth storey. It looks intimidating, but Daddy is proud Wei and Kang did it and went for more rounds.

The reward for kids would be the L-o-n-g slide to bring them down. We even see some enterprising kids
sit on plastic bag and newspaper so that they can slide faster !

A lot of families were spotted camping and flying kites in the vast open space.

What is this? A horizontal swing ! It can fit two kids, and Wei was helping to sway Yi and Kang.
Daddy suspects cheeky Wei was trying a little too hard to shake his bros off !

Flying Fox is always popular with kids ! Poor Daddy has to run laps with every kid.
Daddy promise parents out there, your kids will never forget the flying fox if you run with them :p

More obstacle courses. Funny, why the kids never feel tired?
Whatever Wei and Kang attempts, Yi (no3) just want to follow.

The fine sand are everywhere. Dainty girls might want to play sandcastle?
Wen Xin refused to touch the sand and keep asking Daddy and Mummy to hug :p

X-Wave is simply cool. The designer bench allows kids to enjoy well, Waves motion.
You just need a parent to volunteer to "rock" the bench. Kids will be loving this Wave.

Video : West Coast Park is fun

We saw some interesting bikes around the park too. You can cycle alone, with a partner, and the pedal GoKarts can even be daisy-chain to pull a wagon behind ! However the bike shop is at CarPark 2, a good 15min walk away. Click on bike picture below for more info on pedal-GoKart.

Models suitable for 3 to 8 years old :
- BERG Skylight F @ S$12 per kart per 30 min
- BERG Binky F @ S$12 per kart per 30 min

Models suitable for 5 to 99 years old :
- BERG X-plorer AF @ S$14 per kart per 30 min
- BERG Extra AF silver @ S$14 per kart per 30 min
- BERG Twister AF @ S$14 per kart per 30 min

If you are looking for a park to entertain "everybody" and offers abundant space to roam,
(as Pet Shop Boys would say)
or simply follow Sun WuKong's "西游记".
West Coast Park is a gem waiting to be explore

We end the day with dinner at Mac. Actually we just need an excuse to enjoy Mac's aircon.

Hop you enjoy our West Coast Park review, and bring your kids there next weekend :)
More photos are available at SengkangBabies Fanpage.

Click for more info on Npark's West Coast Park.
You might be interested in Pasir Ris Park too.



  1. can see that you're really enjoying your parenthood :)

  2. thanks Winny, kids are only young once. Then they will have their own circle of friends :)

  3. :D "Daddy you are so cool" :D Cheap thrill

  4. Agree, how can you not end the day with Macs! I didn't realize that west coast park is so big and has something suitable for children of all ages. Heard that it's a good place for kite flying too.

  5. Amanda and Susan - the carpark is full during weekends, that speaks volume for Park's attractions :)

  6. can't wait to have our own kids and see them play like yours!

  7. hi XiaoXin, no worries, enjoy your babies day by day :) (disclaimer, my babies can be little monsters too, just that I never blog about bad espisodes haha)


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