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Friday, September 30, 2011

Marina Bay City Gallery and Walter Rabbit

We had always wanted to visit Marina Bay City Gallery. It is a one stop shop to view Marina Bay developments, both past and future.

Anyway, since Mummy got a wedding invite, and Daddy heard about the BIG bunny Walter loitering near Marina Bay. We thought maybe Walter-the-Rabbit will entertain us, while we wait for Mummy?

Big Rabbit, but thanks to the hot Sun, kids prefer to chill indoors :)

There is a hugh 3D plan of Marina Bay surroundings. Kids can press button and buildings will light up.
- Flyer
- Merlion
- Gardens by the Bay
- even F1 circuit !

Our kids were pressing the button and playing see-who-spot-icon-first, and some tourists were bemused :)

We head to second floor for more rabbit exhibitions.

Each photo depicts Walter at a different location. It was interesting as it allows us to focus on Walter's surrounding and neighbourhood.

Imagine what will happen if Walter pop up at your favorite petrol station or hawker centres?

We help ourselves to the drawing accessories. Theme is "Bunny", what else :p

The friendly staff at the gallery sponsor two cute bunny ears for our youngest kids.
Wen Yi and Wen Xin looks so adorable !

Daddy usher kids outside to pose with Walter again hehe.

Good bye Walter, we wonder where you will be hopping to next? For the latest happenings on the Bay, you can visit Marina Bay's Fanpage.

We will be back one day (with extra clothings) for the kids to indulge in some fun at the water-feature.
Meanwhile, you can view more photos at SengkangBabies fanpage.

Click for Opening hours and Location of Marina Bay City gallery.
If you like similar interactive galleries, you will love URA's City Gallery !


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