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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Singapore Flyer at Night

Daddy went downtown to soak in F1 frenzy and also to try Singapore Flyer.

.. some Flyer time-lapse just for fun. Love the colourful rotations !

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What can we see in the evening sky?
Everything looks different in the night (MBS, Gardens, Millenia)

The road below is illuminated by powerful lights. It needs to be bright,
as F1 will tear down Marina circuit this weekend !

The capsules will change colour from pink, to blue to yellow.
Eye catching from far and near.

This must be a Vip capsule, Daddy spot a butler, two sofas and a couple. Romance comes at a price :p

When you are engross in the night scenes, Singapore Flyer seems to rotate too fast.

The movement means it is not possible for tripod or 5s long exposures.

It is challenging to shoot with the reflections.

Flyer hidden by trees

All too soon, our capsule touch down again. Daddy love the night scenes, but he suspect children might be bored, as everything is "dark".

Video : Night at Marina Bay

If you are interested to know how our kids enjoy their rides :
- 2009 before MBS is ready
- 2011 with Kang and Yi

Have you ever wonder how it would feel to walk on a F1 circuit? Click on photo below.

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  1. These are gorgeous shots! And I didn't know there are 'capsule' flyer cabins ;)

  2. We went to the Singapore Flyer and Sophie was terrified to set her feet on the capsule! In the end, we had to carry her and was glad when it finally ended 30 mins later.
    We saw the brightly lit F1 track too. Does look very different from up above. Lovely photos as usual :)

  3. hi Corsage, and one private capsule will cost around $1k, u learn one more thing about flyer :)

    Susan : Try again in the morning. More things to distract Sophie, maybe she will even ask for second round?

  4. Yes I'll probably try it again in the day. It should give us better photo opportunities too.


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