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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Welcome to Taiwan 台湾

Welcome To Taiwan ! SengkangBabies will be hopping to 台北 Taipei next week. Daddy will be going on a company trip and Mummy+babies will join later. Mummy will have to check in four babies and fly to Taipei hehe.

Regardless of season, 士林夜市 Night Market is the in-thing in Taiwan, Taipei. We should try some chicken cutlet and Taiwan sausages, and stinky beancurb for those daring ones. But our kids will be too young to roam the markets ..too bad :)

No more "爱" in Taiwan. Our boys are hook on this popular 7pm Taiwan drama !

Daddy is curious to know whether kong-ming lanterns is only available during lantern festival? It would be an awesome sight to light up the sky!

Cherry blossoms in April, but we will miss the gorgeous bloom and cool weather of Spring. Will 陽明山 Yang Ming Shan still be as popular for kids?

Maybe we can try to do some outdoor hot spring, like this lucky primates?
(maybe on second thoughts, not ideal during summer !)

Credit - monkey picture from http://www.womansday.com/Articles/Life/9-Awe-Inspiring-Hot-Springs.html

Video : Welcome to Taiwan tourism promotion

Who is your preferred diva? 张惠妹or蔡依林 ??
Daddy's idol is Ah Mei, but youngsters will prefer Jolin.

Other places of interest should be 西门町, 小人国 etc
SengkangBabies are looking forward to another adventure !

If you have more kids-friendly venues to recommend, do let us know :)

*updated 09Jun2011 - our Itinerary is up

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