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Friday, May 20, 2011

PolliWogs for Thomas' Birthday !

Our birthday boy Thomas got the coolest cake for his second Birthday. Lighting McQueen !! Thomas gazing into his red Ride :)

Thomas' loving parents, who invited us to PolliWogs for his birthday celebration :)

One word about PolliWogs, Fun , and more Fun ! Who can resist the balls?

For those who dare to step into the killing zone, no adults and kids will be shown mercy ! Ouch !

Polliwogs organized some games for us, we play Thomas-the-Train-choo-choo, and we love our Rainbow blanket !

Polliwogs got one cool car, and the kids were wondering why everybody should prepare an empty plastic bag. Everybody screamed when they saw Sweets, and more Sweets popping down !!

Video : Happenings, Kids do not want to go home!

Even the Daddies join in with some Ball games haha. Kids stuff their Daddy !

Are you ready for the cake? Thomas is very eager ...

Parents are always snapping away at smiling faces :)

1,2,3 song ensemble, Happy BirthDay Thomas !!
Are we really going to slice poor McQueen ?

Video : Come and Sing song cut cake!

Among all the fun and laughter, one cute baby is still too young to join in :)

Friends came together to party with Thomas :)

Post-cake survey by Thomas keke

After our cakes, we ran back into the pits to challenge each other. Xin was fearless and wanted to try everything :p

Parents can rest and catchup with their novels or simply chat with friends, while the little ones tear down the obstacles !

Daddy told Mummy Polliwogs is like Ninja Warrior kids eddition, Adults really have to crawl and catch the kids :p

Our kids had so much fun, we literally had to drag them home haha.

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More info :
Visit Polliwogs @

Weekday $16 per child all day
Weekend $18 for two hours


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