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Friday, April 23, 2010

OMY's 2010 Blog award - 新加坡部落格大奖

Blog = 部落格 ( this is something new for Daddy)

Have you noticed the above logo on our blog?
We have nominated ourselves for OMY's Best-Lifestyle category.
There are 10 categories, but none for Parenting !!
(Maybe parenting-blogs are too "lame" for teenagers, and un-happening for yuppies?)

Remember to "Rally" for our blog too .
You will need to register with OMY first,
then look for our blog "boys.girl" under "LifeStyle category" page 12 or 13.
Click on the red RALLY button.

Well, what does this competition means?
You stand to win in two ways, either
Nominate your own blog, or Vote for your favourite blogs.
$40,000 worth of prizes awaits you.

Besides the usual lucky draws, tips, publicity, we can definitely
learn/copy from the BEST !!
Nomination ends 09May2010.

More Prizes

The lucky winner of each award will also win this trophy.
Do you feel as exited as Daddy? keke

Tickets to HongKong, Phuket or even an ePC sounds so much more tempting :-)
(Daddy assumes again that sengkangbabies.blogspot.com stands a chance to win haha)

**One more tip - avoid "Lifestyle" and "Individual" categories to stand a higher chance of winning

More about OMY
OMY stands for online-mobile-for-the-young.
This portal is packed with entertainment news, and latest promotions.

Although Daddy is not so young anymore, but it is more important
to Feel young-at-heart :)
Our Sengkang kiddos are rejuvenating our lives every hour, every day haha.

Good Luck to all!!

"Jeanette Aw 欧萱 " is winner in both 2008/9 local-celebrity category.
She played little Nonya, and is now the funeral-director (红白囍事) on TV8.

**updated 10May2010- sengkangbabies selected as one of the special nominees !!

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