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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Singapore Zoo

On Easter holiday, we troop to Singapore Zoo. We notice Wen Xin is now very curious about animals, and there is no better classroom than our Zoo at Mandai.

We rent a Mini Explorer Wagon for $18, Daddy thought it should be Fun to let the kids act "passengers". Notice anything difference from 2007 to 2011? Click to read our 2007 Zoo experience.

As we went on a holiday, big crowd! Daddy has to park 10min's walk away.
Lesson learned, go Early, Zoo opens at 0830.

Giraffe are unfazed by the visitors

Maybe Yi should not eat so near to the proboscis monkey?

We found some Tropical fruits, and everybody recognize Durian as the King of Fruits.

When we are hungry, everybody munch on bread..

Our flurry friends also got a spread of fruit-salad buffet

Video : Cute African Squirrels

Fortunately for Xin and Yi, they got a Taxi to hop onto, whenever they get tired

We explore the East side of the Zoo today.

..and Xin does not like all the creatures :p (scare scare)

Modes of transport in zoo

Daddy told them that crocodile do not mind snacking on humans.

More walking, our two 哥哥 are good and strong!

Video : Wagon fun

Yi and Xin smiling for camera. (they do not look tired)

Carnivorous animals (Wei is omnivorous )

Zebras and deer eat grass, Rhino eat dung?

Mummy and the boys

... and girl

Xin : Look look ! what is that animal?

Family pose with Zebras

Our Zoo is hugh, and it is impossible to cover every hectare within one day.

Zoo Zoolympix
If you are going to the Zoo soon, take note that there is a Zoo Olympic from 23May to 12Jun2011. Zoolympix is an annual event, and Kids are tested on their agility, speed, and brain power. Face painting and tattoo for all :)

If you wish to read our previous Zoo experiences, head to



  1. I 15 year nv go zoo liao... Now feel like going there.. haha

  2. must go with kakis then fun :)


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