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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Changi Boardwalk

The vicinity around Changi Village has it's own rustic backyard.
Besides the Nasi Lemak and Jetty to Ubin, we just discover about the Changi Boardwalk along the coast.

Map and walking guide available at URA website ,

For this round, we started at the western end, covering only Sunset, and Kelong Walk.

You will be able to see anglers, sailings, and maybe even a wedding photoshoot.
Changi Point can be romantic during Sunset.

What is so interesting?

Daddy told the kids about this iconic house, which somehow resemble Dragonball's (七龍珠) Kame house.

Oil tankers keep drifting in and out of the straits. That might be a reason why nobody is swimming at the seaside.

This is the end point for Sunset Walk (Refer to map above). Low tide has exposed the seabed rocks.

The whole boardwalk is made of wood, it feels like walking on a kelong stilt.


A floating platform?

Next time, we should explore Cliff Walk.
Maybe Daddy will should try a Sunset series soon :)

** Parking could be an issue, as the carparks are meant for the chalets. Daddy had to parallel park along the narrow road.



  1. Wah. The floating platform still there? But not sure if it is the same one. I used to grow up here playing on the beach and climbing onto the platform and jumping down. Then having my meals in the dragonball hut.

  2. no idea leh, but this area pretty secluded, and water not really clean :)

  3. Yups. It's not clean now...but much much better 20 years ago. I had a lot of memories in this beach.


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