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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Merlion Hotel - how close can you get to our Merlion?

The artist (Tatzu Nishi) box up our Merlion, during Singapore Biennale 2011. A night's stay is worth $150, but all 32 nights are snared. In the day, we can hug Merlion, and try to imagine soaking yourself in a bathtub, with MarinaBaySands in your "window".

The red Merlion Hotel draws a lot of attention. Entrance is Free :)

People are queuing before 10am opening. You might have more time to explore Merlion Hotel during weekdays.

This is the view to kill for, but Daddy is worried about privacy. Everybody can peep and see what you are doing haha.

There was a bit of haze, blocking the Marina Bay view.

This might be the only time Merlion become a Hotel, and you can literally "Hug" Merlion.

Singaporeans will always wonder why Merlion is so popular with tourists ??

If you are around the corner, why not say hello to Singapore's mascot :)

Video : Xin running to meet her Merlion idol

Singapore Biennale 2011's theme is "Open house", you might want to visit other "arts" venue too (Anyone going to Kallang Airport?)

**Singapore Biennale updates -->

We headed to Biennale's Kallang Airport too !!


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  1. awesome white lion and you guys managed to get real close to her..


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