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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Underwater photography - Dicapac waterproof casings

SengkangBabies love water sports, and when we go holidays, we sometimes get to feed the fishes too ! It is fun to watch the fishes swim around us, and when we go underwater, we can capture another dimension of fun :)

Krabi - Watch what our kids have been feeding under the water surface.

We can either buy an underwater casing or a full pledge underwater camera.
Prices have been dropping but a decent unit would still cost about $300 and above. Daddy got himself a waterproof bag from Dicapac two years back.

Anchorvale Swimming complex - our Dicapac has been capturing our memories

For $50, Daddy cannot complain much, judge for yourselves whether your family might enjoy some underwater shots and video :)

Redang - when you are not worried about sand and water getting into your camera

Jurong East - Always nicer to capture the actions upfront.

Batam - Adults can have fun filming sliding adventures too !

GMM is local distributor for Dicapac waterproof casings, and they even have covers for your DSLRs. It might not be such a good idea to risk your Canon Marks or Nikon D3 underwater !! Just recycle your point and shoot cameras, which might have been obsoleted by smart phones recently.

** if you are going for diving (read 20 m and deeper), go and invest in a full fledged underwater system.

If you cannot leave your beloved iPads, bring them underwater !


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