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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Washing car is dirty, but FUN !

Daddy mention our car is dirty, and we volunteer our cleaning services again.
You might still remember how much fun we had last time :)

Fun is cheap. 20Cents, Sweat, and with lots of laughter.
Just do not expect car to be clean :p

IMAGINE ! Our kids get to shower our car !! Cool !

It looks Fun, but the boys' perspiration is real..

Daddy can see us hardworking kids. Sometimes they even use the same cloth
to wipe the Dirty tyre and rim, before applying on car body again ooops !

If you kids are washing cars, ask them to avoid the wheel :p

Well, at least the windows are clean, and Daddy can see some nice reflections.

Mummy came down to inspect our car, we hope she is happy. Boon Xin will be able to join us soon keke.

Video : Car washing fun

Thank you kids, car washing sure looks cute with your help.

Kids taking a well deserve rest. Daddy also had fun with his photography :)

Click for more car washing hunk pics at our FanPage.



  1. Such a good idea to keep the kids bz and get the car cleaner.. lolxx
    But will the car shampoo, "shine" chemicals be too harsh on their skins?
    I would let my kids to have such fun too but a little concerned...

  2. hi Maggie,
    normal car shampoo should be ok, I do not let kids go near those polish/wax containers. Just ensure they wash their hands clean thereafter. Have Fun :)


  3. :D you are an awesome daddy. must go stalk their photos on the page. :D


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